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Nikon D5100 review

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Nikon D5100 review

To make it easier for you to choose the DSLR that will give your money’s worth, this Nikon D5100 review will provide you with more idea on why this specific model is one that should be given serious consideration. The features that will be discussed in this article will let you know if the camera has what you are looking for.

The inclusion of the Vari-angle LCD monitor is one thing that this product is proud of, especially because it contributes to the camera’s ease of use. At 3 inches, the monitor allows users to view the sharp images taken by the camera in its 921,000-dot screen that also allows you to playback high quality videos.


With this kind of monitor, you can be able to shoot at every angle, such as shooting overhead or ground level, among other angles. With this, you can enjoy more creativity with your shots. Aside from the Vari-angle monitor, another feature of the camera that allows users to be more creative in taking pictures and videos are the different special effects that are incorporated in the camera. For instance, Selective Color can allow you to focus on a single color and make all others the same. There is also a Night Vision feature to allow you to take bright photos even in a dark location.

In many Nikon D5100 customer reports, the high dynamic range function of this camera has also been lauded for its ability to help in making sure of high quality output. While some cameras might find it complicated to render textures in various conditions, such is not the problem in the case of the Nikon D5100. Thanks to the HDR. The camera has the ability to combine two exposures to lead into the creation of an image with a wide dynamic range, and at the same time, has richer gradation of color and minimized noise.


This camera will also allow you to capture your photos in a precise manner, basically because of the 11-point autofocus system that makes it possible to be flexible as you compose your shot and to be assured of the precise shooting of the subject regardless of its location on the camera’s frame.


Aside from the quality of the images taken in this camera, it is also important to note in this D5100 review that it has the ability to take high quality videos. Its full HD capability is one of the many things that make such possible. It also has a good autofocus video capability to make sure of the emphasis on the subject even in motion. Its sound recording quality is also commendable, adding the fact that it can be used with an optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone for improved audio.

For those who are still looking for a nice DSLR that can be used easily by beginners and that can guarantee having high quality pictures and videos, as noted in many Nikon D5100 customer reports, this model is most probably a good option.

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